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Since 2000, we have been developing and marketing solutions for data center and network professionals. NetZoom applications are industry-proven and popular among data center professionals in thousands of organizations from all industries world-wide. We take pride in keeping up with the changes in technology and the demands of our clients.

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NetZoom Visio Stencils NetZoom NetZoom Pro NetZoomDC
NetZoom Visio Stencils NetZoom NetZoom Pro NetZoomDC
NetZoom Visio Stencils is offered as a 12 month subscription service. If you use Microsoft Visio to create professional designs or diagrams using using traditional stencils, this will be your favorite product. This service provides access to world's largest device stencil library of over 497,000 stencils. The subscription service guarantees access to any device stencils you need to create your data center, network, rack elevations, audio-video and security diagrams in Visio. The Visio Stencils Library also contains hundreds of logical symbols.
NetZoom is our classic single user software application for the Microsoft windows platform. It is popular among hundreds of thousands of data center and network professionals who use it daily to manage IT assets and also use it as an Add-On to Microsoft Visio to create professional network designs, diagrams, rack elevations and floor layouts. NetZoom is offered as a renewable 12 months subscription service. This product fills the need for small data centers, Server rooms, data closets, IT rooms and departmental IT rooms.
NetZoom Pro is the advanced multi-user web version of NetZoom. Use NetZoom Pro if you have a team of users who would like to collaboratively manage IT and data center infrastructure assets, rack elevations, floor layouts, and generate reports and Visio diagrams. It is has hundreds of additional features, report and diagramming templates. NetZoom Pro is offered as a 12-month subscription available On Premises or SaaS. This product fills the needs of small to medium sized data centers.
NetZoomDC is the enterprise DCIM application suited for multiple teams engaged in data center infrastructure management of medium to large data centers in one or more geographically located sites containing hundreds of racks with thousands of servers using millions of connections and cables on each floor. NetZoomDC is already in use by thousands of data center professionals in large corporations and government organizations where managing IT and facility infrastructure is key to optimizing IT budgets.
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